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Boy Scout Troop 246
(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
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v          Troop meetings will be held on Thursday evenings from 7:00 –8:30 PM. 

All dues will be paid the last week of October for the year. The annual budget fee is $45.00 per scout.

The yearly registration fee (re-charter) of $30.00 per scout will be due the second week in January.

Weekly meetings will be geared for that month’s trip. All trip money will be paid to the Troop Leaders. The Troop Leaders will turn all of the money in to the Treasurer.

Permission slips and money are to be returned two weeks prior to the trip date, in a marked envelope.

All parents are encouraged to help with the trip transportation. Directions will be given to all drivers with instructions to meet at a planned campground.

Any scout needing information should contact their Patrol Leader (PL). If the PL does not have the information, then he should contact the Senior Patrol Leader(SPL). If the SPL does not have the information, then he should contact the Scoutmaster. Please follow the chain of command.

The Committee Activities person will contact the campgrounds for any additional information.

All adult Troop Leaders and Committee Members will pay a $25.00 registration fee.

Scouts and their families are encouraged to support all troop fundraisers.

Medical information needs to be reviewed and updated annually. Any new medical condition needs to be brought to the Scoutmaster’s attention.